Gallipoli Centenary – Part III

This is my third and final post on the pilgrimage I undertook last year to the Centenary of the ANZAC landings in Gallipoli on 25th April, 1915. Click links to go back to Part I and Part II Antipodean Ignorance Travelling with my sister, we made the 6 – 7 hour journey from Istanbul to the Gallipoli Peninsula en masse... Continue Reading →

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Arnold’s Amazing Leonberger Rescue

Dogs and birds! They go together like lions and zebras. In fact the leonberger dog was originally a designer dog, bred to look like a lion. That was because the lion was the emblem on the coat of arms of the town of Leonberg (adjacent to Stuttgart, Germany), where the breed originated in the early... Continue Reading →

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The American Invasion

... of Warkworth, New Zealand When Japan successfully struck downtown-Honolulu in December 1941, they effectively brought about the end to their own imperialistic fantasies. Because, whatever the Americans' involvement in the Second World War had been up until that point, after Pearl Harbor they were Officially At War. It may have taken the Allies another... Continue Reading →

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FEPOW Repatriation Ship List

I've compiled a comprehensive list of Allied mercy ships (and air-craft) which were used to recover and repatriate British Commonwealth Far Eastern Prisoners of the Japanese imperialists (FEPOW) including civilian internees. See end for disclaimers and addendum's. There are currently 77 entries in this table. Use the next button to move down the list. Columns can be... Continue Reading →

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New App From ChargeNet

A Fresh Way to Access the ChargeNet Network   The ChargeNet NZ app is here, offering easy access to our charging network on the go. The new app is free to download and easy to use, enabling you to find our stations, start a charge and check your account right from your phone or tablet.... Continue Reading →

Her Road From War: genre

I'm regularly getting asked what genre my novel "Her Road From War" is. Just to be clear, this is historical FICTION. Yes, it is broadly based on a true story. Yes, the things that happen are all authentic factual events, meticulously researched, if I may say so myself. I call it biographical fiction because, while... Continue Reading →

How Does ChargeNet Choose a Site for a DC Fast Charging Station

We get numerous enquiries from members of the public requesting a ChargeNet NZ Fast Charger in their town or on their premises. It’s a rewarding part of my job when I hear how excited the public are about our proposed network. Since I’m often the first point of contact at ChargeNet NZ, every so often I’ll... Continue Reading →

Addressing Rollout Roadblocks

The ChargeNet NZ objective is simple, bold and ambitious. We envisage a network of charging infrastructure installed the length and breadth of New Zealand, so owning electric cars and commercial vehicles is as easy as owning traditional ones. Our contribution to this utopia is our rapid DC chargers, which we are installing not just in the main... Continue Reading →

Divorce is Healthy

Recently I had an article accepted for publication in an American magazine called Pilcrow & Dagger. The magazine aims to showcase writing talent. The May/June 2016 issue had the theme of New Beginnings. Post divorce, I've been forced to pretty much start my life again so I figured I was ideally placed to write from the heart. Here is the... Continue Reading →

My First Time

Ally McCormick shares the goss on her newest love affair with E.V. Lucky me - I got to borrow a zero emission Nissan Leaf for the weekend. It is the very first E.V. that I have had the pleasure of getting to know intimately. I suppose that would make me a virgin as far as... Continue Reading →

Gallipoli Centenary – Part II

I went all the way to Gallipoli and they wouldn’t let me in! In part 2 of my Gallipoli posts (see part 1 here) I’m going to share my extraordinary experience at the Centenary Commemorations at ANZAC Cove on 25 April 2015. Both the good and the bad. I know some parts of my post... Continue Reading →

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