My Father, My Ex Husband and Me

My friend Majida, has written a memoir called "My Father, My Ex Husband and Me: A Pakistani Woman's Journey." This is the powerful story about her divorce and her hope. Majida has written the book for women everywhere: to learn about how it is to live in an abusive relationship and how to successfully break out of it.... Continue Reading →

The Commuter

This is the very first short story I wrote, back in 2009. I entered it into the Western Districts Short Story Competition and was amazed that although it did not place among the 18,000 entries, it did get a highly commended award. Each of the observations in the story are, more or less, true events that I witnessed... Continue Reading →

Art Deco Walk Napier

Napier: Art Deco Centre of the World Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining an "art deco walk" around Napier, exploring the beautiful architecture of this noteworthy city on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. It was something that I've been meaning to do for several years on my annual visit to the city,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cake Time

Yes, it's Christmas Cake time and by that I mean it's time to eat the cake, not make it. The actual making of the cake should have happened weeks ago. My Accumulated Wisdom On The Subject of Christmas Cakes I suspect that the majority of those that follow this British Christmas tradition don't bother with homemade cakes anymore. Or like... Continue Reading →

The American Invasion

... of Warkworth, New Zealand When Japan successfully struck downtown-Honolulu in December 1941, they effectively brought about the end to their own imperialistic fantasies. Because, whatever the Americans' involvement in the Second World War had been up until that point, after Pearl Harbor they were Officially At War. It may have taken the Allies another... Continue Reading →

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FEPOW Repatriation Ship List

I've compiled a comprehensive list of Allied mercy ships (and air-craft) which were used to recover and repatriate British Commonwealth Far Eastern Prisoners of the Japanese imperialists (FEPOW) including civilian internees. See end for disclaimers and addendum's. There are currently 77 entries in this table. Use the next button to move down the list. Columns can be... Continue Reading →

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Chocolate Brownie Birthday Cake

It's blog posting day and I've been doing everything but writing for my blog. After spending the morning walking the dog, changing winter bedding to summer, washing my car, pruning shrubs and just generally enjoying a blue sky day, I've now realised that I haven't made the birthday cake for my husband's birthday today. Yes, I know,... Continue Reading →

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