Day 5 Challenge

Goal: Give myself an Online Presence.
Course of Action: Take the Daily Challenge created by Robert Lee Brewer of Writers Digest.

Day 5: Create a Facebook Page. Problem is …

I have a secret. Four years ago I was a Facebook addict. It was about that time that I found the courage to run away from Facebook’s pervading tentacles. I cut off all contact and heaved a sigh of relief when the three month reactivation period was up.  I’ve been living Facebook-free now for nearly 36 months. You can understand my trepidation then, when with tail between my legs, I crept back up to the gates of that Evil Empire. I hoped to gain entrance with just my email address and little else to connect me to that old self who had suffered daily doses of peanut butter smeared toddler photos and continuous bursts from overbearing fanatical apostles with links to dubious anti-social web sites that I didn’t wish to be associated with. But as I looked for a side entrance, the gates of this unholy empire were flung open and I was welcomed like the Prodigal Son/daughter. Warily I crossed over the drawbridge and into the malevolent courtyard. There to my amazement I saw rows of people lining my path. Even before I peered into their faces, I began to recognise them collectively as my husband’s Facebook friends, Some had been old friends of mine. Others were his work colleagues whom I’ve never met. My whole body trembled with fear. How did Facebook know who my husband was? There was no mention of my email address on his page. Then I remembered that Facebook is omnipresent. It’s aforementioned tentacles spend their days and nights creeping into all the spaces in our lives: collecting, cataloguing, connecting, creating. I am scared. I step back out into the sunlight and don some armour, then ignoring the rows of people I face up to this challenge. I will create an author page. I will not add inane daily titbits about my personal life. I will not “friend” my husband thereby thwarting Facebook’s ambition to create a joint page without my permission. But I have already added photos with metadata on them. Woops. I need to slow down and tread more carefully. I need to seek out that improbable head and shoulders shot that doesn’t make me look fat. I question how can I add friends if I don’t want to add my real friends? I decide that one day soon, I’ll send a friend request to Robert Lee Brewer. Perhaps he can make a list available of all the other Challengers, so we can “friend” each other. OK, it’s time to stop being melodramatic, I’m going to keep this page professional.

Friend me on Facebook: AllyMcCormickNZ

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  1. I love this post! I NEVER wanted to be on FB, but this challenge made me do it – and now I’m slowly (more like rapidly) becoming addicted. I am posting junk about my life, because Robert said not to only post about writing – but I’m going to try and do a one-for-one entry – at least that is one of my new goals – Day 2. You can find me, if interested, at Simply remember to keep writing (and researching) and editing instead of posting on FB. Nice to have met you in this virtual world.

  2. I do feel your pain, Ally. I do have a personal presence on FB as well as my author page (, but I am addicted to so many other things–writing, video games, avoiding housework–that I don’t spend a lot of time on the site… 🙂

    Some days, all I do is post my daily update tweet connected to Facebook. A plan like that might help.

    Your blog looks great so far. If you are ever stuck for content, you might try something like this: — ask for guest posts to fill some space. There is always someone who needs help plugging their new book or calling for action on a project. 🙂

  3. Facebook, that vapid wasteland of hyperbole, sophomoric humor, and toxic interactions. I agree, it has been a balancing act for me to utilize Facebook in a healthy manner and to appreciate its uses to stay in contact with family and friends and to launch my writing. I’m glad you are willing to give it a go for the sake of your writing platform and career. Thanks for the friend request and for sharing, and I’m looking forward to networking with you.

  4. Ally,
    I loved this blog about Facebook and have very similar feelings, I have spent the last year avoiding it. I like your melodramatic angle and that probably sums up perfectly my aversion. So what to do? I too created a brand new shiny profile and guess what I am actually enjoying using it as a way to share interesting content and read articles from friends and groups that I have joined around my interests! Imagine that. So what if I only have a handful of friends, I suspect over time that will grow, as the the peanut butter smeared toddlers try to get they grubby little hands all over my profile 😉 I have toddler, so I get plenty of that at home, as he runs of laughing maniacally clutching my peanut butter smeared iPad to his tiny chest:)

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