Her Road From War: genre

I’m regularly getting asked what genre my novel “Her Road From War” is.

Just to be clear, this is historical FICTION.

Yes, it is broadly based on a true story. Yes, the things that happen are all authentic factual events, meticulously researched, if I may say so myself.

I call it biographical fiction because, while following a period in the protagonists’ lives that actually happened, the details are reimagined to meet the artistic needs of the novel. For example, all the conversations are completely fictional. Some of the secondary and minor characters are purely created out of my imagination to fit the story. The public figures depicted are all historically authentic. The torture scenes were actual events that happened and were fully documented. But the torture scenes didn’t necessarily happen to the major characters in my book. I will never know what happened to them, other than the fact that their emotional and physical wellbeing was detrimentally and seriously affected by their experience.

Her Road From War is loosely Women’s Fiction because it is essentially a love story. It is not a Romance if you can understand the distinction in genre between love stories and the subset of romance. The kind of woman who will enjoy this story is one who enjoys a meaty war story with an emotional point-of-view as opposed to a technical view point. Even if not interested in war, any intelligent woman who is interested in British Colonial lifestyles of the mid-20th century will find interest in the settings and background.

Having said that, I’m finding that men are also enjoying this story. There is no rule that says men can’t read women’s fiction. It’s a stupid label really, and not one that I like to use. It merely denotes that there is a female central character with an emotional viewpoint, which will satisfy an intelligent female reader. This story, of course, also has two male protagonists and several well constructed secondary characters, some of whom could easily feature in their own novel.

So, no the genre is NOT a biography and it is NOT non-fiction. Please enjoy it for what it is: escapism into another world. One that we’ve heard of, but never experienced ourselves, except, perhaps, as children.

I love to hear your views. Please leave a comment.

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