The American Invasion

... of Warkworth, New Zealand When Japan successfully struck downtown-Honolulu in December 1941, they effectively brought about the end to their own imperialistic fantasies. Because, whatever the Americans' involvement in the Second World War had been up until that point, after Pearl Harbor they were Officially At War. It may have taken the Allies another... Continue Reading →

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FEPOW Repatriation Ship List

I've compiled a comprehensive list of Allied mercy ships (and air-craft) which were used to recover and repatriate British Commonwealth Far Eastern Prisoners of the Japanese imperialists (FEPOW) including civilian internees. See end for disclaimers and addendum's. There are currently 77 entries in this table. Use the next button to move down the list. Columns can be... Continue Reading →

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Chocolate Brownie Birthday Cake

It's blog posting day and I've been doing everything but writing for my blog. After spending the morning walking the dog, changing winter bedding to summer, washing my car, pruning shrubs and just generally enjoying a blue sky day, I've now realised that I haven't made the birthday cake for my husband's birthday today. Yes, I know,... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Anyone Thinking of Adopting An Abandoned Cat

Dear Fellow Humans, Recently someone uplifted my cat and drove it away. Well-meaning but misguided people may feel sorry for cats who wander into their back yards supposedly meowing for food and company. They may rationalise that the cat has been abandoned. Domestic cats do not respect property boundaries. They negotiate with surrounding animals and landscape impediments... Continue Reading →

I’ve Caned It: Repair Cane Barstools

Ever wanted to repair cane mesh furniture? Follow me on my journey as I learn about hand caning (a chair). Part 1: Repair a Cane Bar Stool I brought this pair of Bentwood style cane bar stools second hand for $5 each. That's hundreds of dollars cheaper than they cost new.  Only problem was one of them had a... Continue Reading →

Tr0ub4dor&3 is not a good password

The Trouble with Troubadour:  One of the things that really annoys me when I sign up for things on the Internet is some of the really silly password rules that web sites make you use. I must have hundreds of passwords. In fact I currently have 347 passwords in my password bank and this month... Continue Reading →

Stencil Style

I made these gorgeous stencilled backings for floating shelves when I redecorated my eldest daughter’s bedroom last year. For the purpose of this blog, I'll call them the Mark-I version though they may as well be called the Holy Grail, because my attempts at recapturing the look was far more difficult than it should have been. The burnt orange... Continue Reading →

Charity Art Exhibition!  Strength: Paired Photos and Illustrations Last night I had the privilege to attend an exhibition of Strength in pictorial pairings. Let me explain ... Professional portrait and wedding photographer, Emma Hartley teamed up with the very talented Kayra Yιldιz, a 14 year old illustrator. Emma says she watched one of her own family... Continue Reading →

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