My First Time

Ally McCormick shares the goss on her newest love affair with E.V. Lucky me - I got to borrow a zero emission Nissan Leaf for the weekend. It is the very first E.V. that I have had the pleasure of getting to know intimately. I suppose that would make me a virgin as far as... Continue Reading →

Arnold’s Amazing Leonberger Rescue

Dogs and birds! They go together like lions and zebras. In fact the leonberger dog was originally a designer dog, bred to look like a lion. That was because the lion was the emblem on the coat of arms of the town of Leonberg (adjacent to Stuttgart, Germany), where the breed originated in the early... Continue Reading →

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Christmas Cake Time

Yes, it's Christmas Cake time and by that I mean it's time to eat the cake, not make it. The actual making of the cake should have happened weeks ago. My Accumulated Wisdom On The Subject of Christmas Cakes I suspect that the majority of those that follow this British Christmas tradition don't bother with homemade cakes anymore. Or like... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Anyone Thinking of Adopting An Abandoned Cat

Dear Fellow Humans, Recently someone uplifted my cat and drove it away. Well-meaning but misguided people may feel sorry for cats who wander into their back yards supposedly meowing for food and company. They may rationalise that the cat has been abandoned. Domestic cats do not respect property boundaries. They negotiate with surrounding animals and landscape impediments... Continue Reading →

Day 5 Challenge

Goal: Give myself an Online Presence. Course of Action: Take the Daily Challenge created by Robert Lee Brewer of Writers Digest. Day 5: Create a Facebook Page. Problem is ... I have a secret. Four years ago I was a Facebook addict. It was about that time that I found the courage to run away... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Housewife, hausfrau, homemaker, home exec, mum, soccer mom, urban slave, family chauffeur, general dogsbody  … the gainfully UNemployed. However I frame it, I’m often ashamed to admit that I am one, or all, of these things. Ashamed! I can almost hear the collective sound of clichés rushing into my ears. I mustn’t belittle my vitally important role... Continue Reading →

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